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Twenty-one years ago, I graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering and promptly decided to make the best use of it by starting a career in sales. Let’s face it, you don’t get to talk to many people as an engineer.

Over the course of my sales career, I discovered that as much as I enjoyed hitting the road and making sales happen, I enjoyed training people on how to go out and achieve even more through networking and word-of-mouth marketing.

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I have never seen anyone who has such a great passion for training and connecting people.


Stephen Melchior
@ Wilson Training

Recently Emma Carbery of the Work Place Yogi had a huge AHA about her journey she shares it here. Are you grabbing those pivotal points with both hands?

Emma Carbery
@ The Work Place Yogi

Your ability to craft your message within interesting stories and anecdotes is a real skill and a joy to watch. In addition, your message contained useful information which I was able to apply straight away.

Lindsay Adams CSP
@ Global Speakers Federation

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Seven Deadly Start-up Sins

Discover the se7en deadly sins of entrepreneurship and the top pitfalls for startups and small-business owners.

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The Rebel App will help you build relationships with the most important people in your network.

Our success in Life and business is directly linked to the peolple we surround ourselves with - the more successful they are, the more successful we become. To build effective relationships, we need to invest in the right people. If we can help others achieve their GOALS.

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Here is the latest from my blog; be sure to visit some of our older posts, there is gold to be found there!

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You’re on Mute

Phil Bedford
Is your business going video first?
Are you collaborating, selling or networking more often online rather than in person?
Do you need to learn how to master your video-conferencing experiences and make sure it backs up your brand?
Then you’re in the right place.

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Seven Deadly Start-up Sins

Phil Bedford
With 20% of businesses closing within 1 year and 50% not making it to 5 years, the odds are stacked against intrepid entrepreneurs with the very best ideas, the highest qualifications and a background of success in their field.

So how do you avoid being just another statistic?


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KISS The Rebel: Unleash A Business And A Life Without Limits

Phil Bedford
You don’t need to spend a fortune building your business. KISS The Rebel is perfect for any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur.Igniting your imagination and opening your eyes to the accessible resources sitting at your fingertips. Helping you to see that the right solution or dream client is just a phone call away. Giving you practical tips on building the right relationships and advice to help you construct a sustainable business and your dream lifestyle.

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